How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Jeep Wrangler JK?

Everyone knows that the best spark plugs improve the mileage of your Jeep Wrangler. The various makes and models of cars use different types of spark plugs. When you take your car for a tune-up the technician sometimes advises you to change the spark plugs. New plugs help give better mileage and make the driving experience smoother.

Best Jeep Spark Plug ReplacementIna plug, when the electricity crosses a gap between two contact points, the sparks are made that ignites the fuel and give it the power to run fast. To increase the life of a plug, you need to use good quality fuel and oils for the car. Some vehicles use 4 and some 8 plugs in the engine. These can last you 5,000-10,000 miles, but those who like to enjoy a better driving experience like to change them every 2,500 miles or so. Changing the plugs is very simple and takes hardly a few minutes.

Changing spark plugs give better gas mileageBest spark plugs for Jeep Wrangler JK are engineered to withstand extreme heat inside the cylinder. The types that get a fast build-up from fuel additives are the cheaper type. The plugs are encased into a ceramic material to ensure the spark takes place only at the tip of the electrode. The ones with a smaller ceramic area are called hot plugs and those with a large ceramic area are cold plugs. For the hot rods, people look for a hot plug, so they can have more power to the engine. They buy plugs with a shorter insulator tip for fast heat transfer. For desert racing and mud bogging colder plugs are used for engines.

The best spark plugs are the ones that are durable. Iridium plugs are most popular these days due to their high resistance to heat. These help in getting better gas mileage. They need less voltage to ignite the fuel and come with smaller diameter tips. The material is stronger as compared to nickel, silver, gold, or platinum used in other plugs. They are more durable due to the high resistance to heat. The melting point of Iridium is 1000 times higher than that of platinum.

The platinum-tipped plugs are designed for durability as compared to the standard type of plugs. Platinum is harder than the steel alloy electrode used in most standard plugs. The advantage of getting a platinum plug is that you do not need to change them often. The spark produced by a platinum plug is also hotter than that of a standard plug. Platinum spark plugs are able to transfer and conduct electricity better as compared to a standard plug. So, the better choice of plugs, are the ones that are either platinum or iridium.

best spark plugs will improve Jeep mileage

The best spark plugs thus come with slim tips and use materials that have high resilience to heat. The most popular spark plug brands are Bosch, NGK, Denso, AC Delco (GM), Autolite (Ford/Chrysler), and Champion (Chrysler). The iridium center electrode has proven to be stronger and harder as compared to platinum. You can get improved throttle response and better anti-fouling capacity from high-performance plugs. The plugs are also corrosion and abrasion-resistant. Some plugs use both platinum and iridium.

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