How Often to Change Spark Plugs in a Jeep 4.0?

Spark plugs are a fundamental part of a Jeep, an indispensable component in gasoline or LPG and CNG vehicles, while they are not present, and therefore not needed, in diesel cars. Spark plugs are electrical devices that, in gasoline engines, are used to ignite the spark that starts the combustion process inside the cylinders. This device has the task of igniting the fuel/air mixture inside the engine in order to allow the engine to start, therefore the ignition.

howt to check spark plug problems on your JeepFor this reason, the spark plugs are screwed into the head of each cylinder while their lower end, which houses two electrodes, is positioned directly inside the combustion chamber. Between these two electrodes, therefore, a spark is ignited that can reach up to 30 thousand volts, thus generating heat.

At the end of what is called the compression phase, the spark ignites the mixture, in this way the pressure increases, and the piston is pushed, at a speed of 20 meters per second, towards the lower end, in the so-called dead center, this is the expansion phase. By means of the sparks, which have a frequency of 500-1500 per minute, the pistons can move inside the cylinders thus allowing the Jeep to move and be driven.

Why spark plugs need to be cleaned or replaced?

Over time, as with many objects, wear and tear will test the integrity and cleanliness of spark plugs. In fact, spark plugs are subjected to a great deal of stress – just think about what we just said about their function. During their use, in a period of time that basically depends on the frequency of use of the vehicle, the spark plugs get dirty. Substances are deposited on the electrodes, residues that come from the mixture and that, when they accumulate, prevent the spark from igniting. In this case, cleaning the spark plugs in a Jeep 4.0L is sufficient to make them functional again.

what are the symptoms of bad spark plugsHowever, depending on how the Jeep is used, the spark plugs can also wear out. It goes without saying that if a vehicle is used every day for a certain route, the Best Spark Plugs for Jeep 4.0 will wear out much faster than those of a car that is used only sporadically. When spark plugs wear out, sparking is difficult, until it no longer happens. In this case, cleaning is not necessary; the spark plugs need to be replaced.

How do we know that spark plugs need to be cleaned or replaced?

When spark plugs need to be cleaned or replacedLet’s start by saying that we can’t generalize because when it comes to cleaning and replacing spark plugs in Jeep Grand Cherokee or other version, several factors come into play, including, as mentioned, the use of the vehicle, but also its type and the type of spark plug.

However, if we were to make a general statement, let’s say that at least every 30,000 miles spark plugs should be checked in order to have an exhaustive and periodic overview of their condition so that we will always know in advance if it is necessary to clean or replace them before we find ourselves with the Jeep stopped.

The life of a spark plug can last from 30,000-50,000 miles, but if we have a car among the most recent ones we can reach even 60,000 and 150,000 miles, depending on the vehicle.

But apart from the number of miles, how can we notice that the spark plugs need to be cleaned or replaced?

In general:

  • if the engine struggles to start;
  • if there are vibrations when the engine is idling;
  • if the Jeep runs jerkily, as if you were walking over potholes;
  • if fuel consumption increases when driving the same route;
  • if the acceleration is abnormal and the revs increase with a delay;

Replacing and cleaning spark plugs

The cleaning of spark plugs, as well as their replacement, can be done by a mechanic, but in reality, these operations are not too complex and can be done by yourself.

As far as cleaning is concerned, after making sure that the car is stationary and the engine is cold, remove the power cables from the spark plugs, very gently, perhaps putting a sticker with the cylinder number on it, so as not to make confusion. Remove the spark plug and unscrew it. If the spark plug is dirty, clean it with a cloth moistened with petroleum.

You can also clean them with a toothbrush or nail brush soaked in gasoline to remove all grease. The candle should then be wetted with ethyl alcohol and dried thoroughly. Once the spark plug has been cleaned, replace it, taking care not to damage the threads.

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